Audiology and Hearing Care in Doncaster

Stephen J. Bowles RHAD., MSHAA, MBAAT.

Stephen J BowlesMr Bowles is a qualified NHS Audiologist with over 25 years experience and is specially trained to provide professional advice and assessment on matters relating to deafness and hearing problems. Mr Bowles is also an independent Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and is licensed under The Hearing Aid Council Act 1968 to dispense a wide range of hearing instruments.

A full range of audiological support is available to clients who may be experiencing difficulty with their hearing. Consultations can be arranged and hearing tests carried out to ascertain the extent and degree of any hearing impairment, as a prelude to possible treatment through medical referral. In cases where deafness is not medically treatable, then Mr Bowles is qualified to advise and recommend appropriate programmes to help compensate hearing disability and optimise correction and rehabilitation through provision of prescribed hearing instruments. These include the latest technological analogue and digital processors offered through a wide selection of cosmetically pleasing custom styles. This is supported through no obligation trials and a comprehensive aftercare service which enables clients to access regular servicing and follow-up care towards their long term management. The clinic offers an appropriate and confidential venue for appointments, with sound booth and latest audiological equipment, although home visits are also available.

Mr Bowles also provides a tinnitus management and counselling service, and can advise clients on the use of custom/prosthetic noise generators (tinnitus maskers) and other coping strategies to offer help and relief with symptoms and long term support. He also provides medico-legal audiometry services to ENT Consultants, Solicitors and DSS Benefit Agencies towards the assessment of industrial deafness/noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Mr Bowles also specialises in Hearing Conservation (industrial and occupational monitoring and screening) and Custom Hearing Protection products (earmuffs, earplugs, & personal listening devices) which are available by appointment.

To compliment the provision of Audiology and Hearing Care, the clinic offers a range of other products and over-the-counter services (available through clinic reception or appointment);

For further advice on appointments or consultation please contact:

Mr Bowles: 01302 816926 (MOBILE 07970 278879)