Relaxation for Natural Childbirth

Self Hypnosis for Childbirth

As women we are all indoctrinated with the knowledge that childbirth is painful. Whilst this is difficult to dispute, we are left with the feeling that we either have to "bear it" or resort to drugs. This however is not entirely true.  Whilst drug therapy definitely has a part to play in the less painful experience of childbirth, it is by no means the only method available.

hypnosis for childbirthSelf Hypnosis can go a long way to alleviating the fear and pain associated with childbirth. Giving birth can be one of the most beautiful or one of the worst experiences a woman can have in her entire life. My aim is to make it one of the most beautiful!

Self Hypnosis is an amazing tool for a woman to be in control of her labour and her own body, thus breaking the cycle of fear brought about perhaps by a previous bad experience, fear of the unknown or simply society's negative conditioning.

Self Hypnosis is a drug-free way to allow a woman's body to give birth in a gentle, natural and relaxed way

The 'Birth Without Fear' course

The course is suitable for women who have reached or passed the 20th week of pregnancy. It consists of three parts, each lasting one and a half hours at weekly intervals

Part One
Gives a general understanding of hypnosis. the myths and fears surrounding hypnosis itself and an introduction to hypnotic technique.
Part Two
This is mainly concerned with the techniques for deepening the hypnosis in order to get anesthesia, in preparation for the birth itself.
Part Three
This will include the father or birth partner, where the couple will work together for mutual support during labour. The partner's attendance, is of course optional, but is highly recommended, and working together provides a degree of bonding, allowing the partner to assume a more active and positive role throughout the whole process.

Some commonly asked questions

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, almost anyone can be hypnotised. all that is needed is a willingness to allow the process to take place. A hypnotised client is always safe as it is impossible to make someone do or say something in hypnosis that they would not ordinarily do, despite what we see on television!!

Will it work?

Using self hypnosis to help you during labour is mainly dependant on how much you practice. Once you have learnt the technique, all you need to do is practice, practice, and practice, so that when labour starts you are an expert at taking yourself into hypnosis at a moments notice. Hundreds of couples have used this technique during childbirth with amazing results.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. It is a normal state that occurs just as you are drifting into sleep. The brain waves are said to be of an alpha wave and can be differentiated by an electroencephalogram.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

Since hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that all people experience just before falling asleep, everyone can be hypnotised.
It is often described as a dream like state, although at no time during a session is the client asleep, just in a deeply relaxed state. 

How can it help during labour?

If a woman approaches birth with a sense of dread and anxiety, naturally her ability to relax during labour will be severely diminished. This restriction can lead to physiological changes in the body which stop or impede the natural progress of labour, this then leads in many cases to medical intervention, whilst in some cases this is most definitely necessary, in others it can be avoided if the woman is relaxed and calm and labour is able to take its normal, natural course.

What are the benefits?

It's easy to use and learn, lowers high blood pressure, research shows labour is shorter and less painful, birth satisfaction is higher, babies are calmer, it's drug free and safe for mother and child, it eliminates fearful thoughts about giving birth or previous traumatic experiences.


JENKINS & PRITCHARD  assessed the effects of hypnotherapy on the first and second stages of labour in a large group of pregnant women .

Methods:  six sessions of hypnotherapy were given during pregnancy to 236 first time mothers with 300 age matched controls, and 136 women having their second baby with 300 age matched controls. Outcome measures included analgesic requirements, duration of first and second stages of labour.

Results: the mean lengths of the first stage of labour in the first time mothers was 6.4 hours after hypnosis against 9.3 hours in the control group.  the mean lengths of the second stage were 36 minutes versus 50 minutes respectively. In women having their second baby values were 5.3 hours and 6.2 hours and 24 and 22 minutes. The use of analgesic agents was significantly reduced in both hypnotised groups compared with controls.

Conclusions: in addition to demonstrating the benefits of hypnotherapy, the study elucidates the relative proportions of mechanical and psychological components involved in the longer duration of labour in first time mothers.

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