Hypnotherapy for phobias, panic attacks, stress, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), insomnia and much more.

Hypnosis has long been associated with the strange and mysterious, with sideshows and stages with people being made to look stupid and do things they would never dream of doing in ordinary life. But the truth is that it isn't the least bit mysterious or supernatural. In fact you have been in a hypnotic state literally thousands of times. You didn't notice it because it seemed such a natural state of mind, and the hypnotic state is natural for all humans and many animals.

Chances are that you have found yourself driving along a familiar road past your exit or perhaps you suddenly became aware of yourself behind the wheel and wondered where you were going. Occurrences such as these are common. Everything that you have learned is stored in your subconscious, because you have already learned to drive, your skills are already stored in your subconscious. As you begin your journey, you get into the car move onto the road and very soon you are cruising along. Now your conscious mind is free. That is because the knowledge required for driving exists in your subconscious and your conscious mind drifts off, allowing the subconscious to become more active. You may become so engrossed in your thoughts that you drive in the direction of your office when your actual destination is the supermarket. When your attention is needed to change lanes or avoid something on the road your conscious mind comes into play again. Driving is only one example. There are many situations where we slip into a hypnotic state when you are functioning on automatic pilot so to speak, but we are always protected by the conscious part of our mind. In hypnosis we can never be made to say or do things that we do not want to do or say. You cannot be made to violate your own values or accepted patterns of behaviour. It is important to remember that the trance state can be terminated at any time by the client. It is always the client’s choice whether to enter the trance state and you can always choose to leave it. If you were left in a trance state you would either return to full consciousness or enter a natural sleep and waken after a pleasant nap. No one has ever got stuck in hypnosis.

What does it feel like?

Generally speaking when you are in a trance state in which you are receptive to hypnotic suggestion, you will be likely to experience relaxation, sleepiness although not sleep, rigidity or limpness of the muscles, sensations of bodily heaviness or lightness or a tingly feeling in your body. Your breathing may slow down to a nice even rate and your body will feel calm and relaxed.

What can it treat?

Hypnosis can treat a variety of problems. Most people have heard about smoking and weight loss, but it can treat many other conditions such as phobias, panic attacks, depression, stress, childbirth, infertility, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic pain, migraine, insomnia, low self esteem and poor body image, and much more.

Hypnotherapy for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - at the Doncaster Clinic

It has been proven over many years now that Clinical Hypnotherapy is effective for the treatment and improvement of IBS. for more information please give us a call on Doncaster 343648.

How much will it cost?

Hypnotherapy varies from £35.00 per hour to £135.00 per hour depending where in the country you are. In our clinic we charge £50.00 for 1½ hour session even for smoking!

No big up front fees, all we ask is that you pay a £20.00 deposit on your first visit to confirm your appointment. This is then held until your last appointment when you will then only have to pay £30.00.

Is it safe?

As I mentioned earlier the state of hypnosis is perfectly safe. There is no known case where someone was permanently harmed by being in hypnosis. It is nothing like stage hypnosis and the two are like chalk and cheese. Clinical Hypnotherapy is therapy in the state of hypnosis, not stage hypnosis which is done for entertainment, the two are entirely different.

What can I expect to happen during a session?

Your first session will mainly be concerned with history taking and talking about your problem, this takes about one hour; the rest of the session is taken up with a gentle introduction to the trance state using guided imagery and visualisation. You will be given an audio tape of the hypnotic session and you will be asked to listen to this once or twice a day until your next session. The next session will depend on how things have gone during the week. Most clients are surprised how good they feel when they return for their second session, mentally and physically.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on how the sessions proceed. Anything from 3- 6 is usual depending on the problem.

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