Spiritual Healing

Sharon has been a spiritual healer and Registered with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers for over twenty years. She has treated a variety of conditions from Narcolepsy to Cancer and everything in between.

What is healing?

Spiritual healing is a non invasive form of therapy. It is the most well researched of all the complementary therapies and there have been more trials done on healing to prove its effectiveness than any other therapy. It is the transference of energy from healer to patient creating a positive change in the Psyche.

Healing works in a very straight forward physical way as a sense of physical comfort, tenderness, and love is transmitted powerfully by touch.

It is not religious in any way and the patient does not have to have faith for healing to take place or to be effective, this is proven by many instances of cures taking place with animals and children.

How is it performed?

Healing takes many forms, for example any complementary practitioner can also be a healer, however, most healing takes the form of energy transference through the laying on of hands or holding the hands some way away from the patient’s body, thus mingling the patients and the healer’s energies. Another aspect of healing is talking and counselling, for healing to be truly successful it is necessary to reach the true cause of dis-ease within the body If the root cause is not eradicated the patient will only create a new dis-ease in months to come, so you may feel the need to discuss things of a personal nature with your healer, which of course is in the strictest confidence.

What does it feel like?

People experience a variety of things during healing, most commonly they remark on the sensation of heat from the healer’s hands and a deep sense of relaxation calm and peace.

What it can and can't do

Healers are not GOD and although miracles do happen they are not that common place. It is a commonly held misconception that a healer only has to see his patient once and he is healed. The reality of the matter is that patients often have to come for many months before their final cure which is the cumulative effect of many treatments. However, there are people who are helped by only one treatment, but this is rather the exception than the rule.

How can I tell if the healer is genuine?

Healing is performed in many places: churches, hospitals, homes, sanctuaries and clinics. Most healers are dedicated people only wishing to be of service to mankind, however, there may be a small minority of people who are not really qualified to help the sick.

The best way to know if a healer is accredited is to ask if they belong to a healing association and are fully insured by them.

The most well known of these bodies is The National Federation of Spiritual Healers. To be a member the healers have to attend many seminars and training sessions as well as being a probationer for two years before they are allowed to be called a healer member, they are also vetted by a board of examiners. An N.F.S.H. healer will always carry an identification card and will be in possession of a current diploma.


Many healers work from home or in churches or clinics and only work part-time, they often don’t charge a fee and will accept a donation only. Other healers work full time and sometimes do house visits and they charge a fee anything from £15.00-£25.00 depending on the time spent treating the patient. If you are in difficult circumstances or having financial problems it is always a good idea to discuss this with the healer as she or he may be willing to give healing on a donation only basis.

Sharon's Fees: Healing for humans £25.00 per hour.

dog pictureSpiritual Healing for animals

Sharon has a special affinity with animals and much of her healing work has been directed to dogs, cats and horses with physical and emotional problems due to abuse. She regularly attends a local Animal Sanctuary in a voluntary capacity to give healing to the abandoned animals.

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Recently she has set up a healing clinic for animals and will visit your home if necessary. Please call 01302 343648 for appointments.

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Fees are kept to a minimum and half of your fee is donated to Thornberry animal Sanctuary, fees by donation only.



Telephone: 01302 343648

Email: fordham@blueyonder.co.uk